Home Cricket News Aamer Sohail explains why is Virat Kohli a ‘great player’ and draws his comparison with Javed Miandad

Aamer Sohail explains why is Virat Kohli a ‘great player’ and draws his comparison with Javed Miandad

Aamer Sohail explains why is Virat Kohli a ‘great player’ and draws his comparison with  Javed Miandad
Aamer Sohail

Virat Kohli today is regarded as the most complete batsman of his generation. The Indian captain has a staggering record in all three formats of the game. Ex- cricketers of Pakistan often praise Kohli for making the Indian side fearless that can win anywhere in the world. Former Pakistan player Aamer Sohail too has praised Kohli and compared him to Javed Miandad.

According to Sohail players such as Kohli and Miandad are great because they raise the level of play of the players around them. They perform at a level that skills of the other team members also improves which ultimately benefits the team. Miandad like Kohli during his playing career never backed down from anyone. He always performed when his side was under extreme pressure much like what Kohli does in today’s era.

Virat Kohli is a great player: Aamer Sohail

“The most important point for me is that big players break out. They are individually great, but their greatness does not help the team at all. When you talk about Pakistan’s cricket history and its greatness, the first name that comes to mind is Javed Miandad.”

Virat Kohli

“His greatness is still talked about to this day because he used to raise the level of play of the rest of the team. When you stitch a long partnership with him, you used to learn so much, and get inspired that you want to improve more. This is what Kohli has done as well. If you look around Kohli, every player has improved alongside him and this is why Kohli gets the tag of a great player,” Sohail said on his YouTube channel.

Amir Sohail also commented that Virat Kohli’s work ethics and hunger to succeed has made him a great player. Earlier during his career, Kohli wasn’t disciplined about various things which reflected in his game. When he decided he wanted to earn the respect of his opponents and become the absolute best he completely changed his life.

Kohli separated personal and professional life

He made sure he was giving his 100% to every training session and also took full care of his nutrition as top-class athletes do. Sohail explained when Kohli started knowing about his strengths and weakness he never looked back and dominated world cricket.

“Let me explain why Virat Kohli has become a great player? When he burst onto the scene, he was flamboyant, aggressive, and liked to team up with life. Very quickly, he realised that I need to separate my professional life with my personal life. That really benefited him.”

“But here are four major reasons I believe why he became a great player. The first point is passion and determination. An average player, when they represent their country, they are happy with the performances as long as they can stay in the team. They are just satisfied with that”, said Aamer Sohail on why Virat Kohli is a great batsman.

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