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BCCI Ready To Organise IPL Behind Closed Doors Later This Year

BCCI is confident that IPL may take place later this year.

Today was supposed to be the Indian Premier League (IPL) final of its 13th season. However, everything changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it had to be postponed. It was disappointing for everyone as the most popular T20 league of the world was not played. But with the country going into the fourth phase of the lockdown, the sports ministry may allow sporting events to take place.

There is a sense of hope that IPL too could take place this year behind closed doors. Several reports suggest that the BCCI is aiming to play the IPL from September 25 to November 1 later this year. Shortly sporting activities may take place without any fans in the stadium.

Today was supposed to be the final of IPL 2020.

BCCI planning to host IPL behind closed-doors

A BCCI official disclosed that the apex body will prioritise fans safety before anything. He also added that huge money will be generated from the broadcasters of the IPL. Most importantly, the official revealed that BCCI won’t be concerned about gate money.

“In these extraordinary times, gate money is the least of anyone’s concerns. Fans safety obviously takes priority. When Cricket happens, the broadcast revenue is the first chunk of revenue necessary for the BCCI and the state associations subsistence. The same is the case for the IPL”, he was quoted saying by Times Now.

The official also pointed upon the rules imposed by the sports ministry in the country. He further added that the Indian government needs to make a clear call regarding the situation. The current condition in India due to the COVID-19 is not looking bright and chances of govt lifting the lockdown are very less. But the official even in this situation is confident that we might see sporting events take place sometime this year.

“Moreover, Sports minister has given a statement and he represents the government with regards to the sporting ecosystem in the country and one must take note of the same and understand the gravity of the situation”.

“In India, the government has to take a call and it will take a call depending upon the situation. We cannot put health at risk because we want to have a sporting event. It is difficult to confirm dates but I am sure we will have some kind of sporting events this year”, the official concluded.