Home Cricket News Blue Mark On The Ball in Rajasthan-Punjab Encounter Leave Fans Confused

Blue Mark On The Ball in Rajasthan-Punjab Encounter Leave Fans Confused

Blue Mark On The Ball in Rajasthan-Punjab Encounter Leave Fans Confused

Match 5 of IPL 2021 between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings went right down to the wire and ebbed and flowed continuously throughout the course of the second innings. Meanwhile, in between a blue mark on the ball became the talking point in the contest. It was noticed by fans and reactions started pouring in on Twitter. The match was ultimately won by Punjab Kings by just four runs but not before they gave team owner Preity Zinta a heart attack.

During Rajasthan Royals’ innings when skipper Sanju Samson was getting settled, a mysterious blue mark was spotted sticking to the ball. It was especially visible during replays for a review call when Samson was ruled out by umpire Anil Chaudhary before the call was overturned. Now, this blue layer well and truly puzzled the fans who had no clue as to what it was. The commentators were confused as well.

Blue Mark On The Ball Leaves Fans Confused


Meanwhile, the fans came up with their own opinions on Twitter. While some said that it was paint from the advertising sponsor, another one said that it was some kind of an anti-dew coacting used in the ball. However, there was no dew on the field in the match as none of the players spoke about it. The paint factor was mentioned at the Select Dugout on Star Sports by one of the commentators. However, all of this is speculation and there is nothing confirmed anything about that as yet.

Meanwhile, the Punjab-Rajasthan game was the best of the lot so far. Punjab lived up to their habit of taking games right down the wire before they somehow manage to win it.

Sanju Samson once again showed his promised and continued to impress cricket experts all across the globe. Punjab play CSK next on April 16, while the Royals take on Delhi Capitals a day before. Sanju Samson courtesy of his 119 is the highest run-getter so far after the first four games in the season.

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