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Cheeky Singles With Nick Compton

Cheeky Singles With Nick Compton

England & Middlesex batsman Nick Compton tests his mettle in CricFit’s rapid fire segment.

Q: Your Nickname?

Compton: Compdog.

Q: Favourite cuisine?

Compton: Lebanese.

Q: Favourite holiday destination?

Compton: Knysna on garden route in Cape Town.

Q: Favourite ground?

Compton: Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai), Taunton and Kingsmead (Durban).

Q: Favourite movie?

Compton: ‘Lagaan’. What else? Maybe ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Shawshank Redemption’.

Q: Favourite actor?

Compton: Ryan Gosling.

Q: Favourite actress?

Compton: Aishwarya Rai.

Q: Song played most frequently on your iPod?

Compton: ‘Losing My Religion’ by R.E.M.

Q: First thing you bought with your salary from professional cricket.

Compton: A camera and a flat white.

Q: Book you are currently reading.

Compton: ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

Q: How would you describe yourself in one word?

Compton: Passionate.

Q: One thing you cannot live without.

Compton: Photography.

Q: Your hobbies?

Compton: Photography, playing golf, art and traveling. I love traveling and exploring new countries. I find the diverse colours, textures and people so interesting. When it comes to the art of photography I reckon you need to give people a feeling of what it’s really like there.

Q: Any superstation?

Compton: My speedos. I wear them to bat in with my box.

Alexis Sanchez is my arsenal favourite player right now because we need goals badly: Nick Compton (Image Courtesy: Arsenal/ Getty Images/ Sky Sports)
Alexis Sanchez is my arsenal favourite player right now because we need goals badly: Nick Compton (Image Courtesy: Arsenal/ Getty Images/ Sky Sports)

Q: Having Denis Compton as a grandpa meant….

Compton: I was fortunate. I had something to dream of, someone to be proud ofand something to aim for.

Q: Your favourite Arsenal player and why?

Compton: Currently it’s Alexis Sanchez. Without him, we aren’t scoring too many goals and we are in dire need for goals!

Q: And from the past?

Compton: There are many- Henry Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Overmars Petit, Ian Wright, Tony Adams and Thomas Vermaelen.

Q: What if you wake up as Arsene Wenger tomorrow morning and are asked to take charge of Arsenal F.C with immediate effect?

Compton: I would keep playing exciting football and get myself a world class striker and a strong, big midfielder and also a defender.

Q: Suppose you wake up tomorrow and someone hands you a magic lamp. If you only had three wishes, what would you wish for?



    1. To get back to my best on the cricket field and help England win the next two ashes series’.


    1. A double hundred against South Africa at Durban.


    1. Lastly, I would ask the Genie to make my sister walk again.


Q: Any aspiration to enter Bollywood?

Compton: Yeah, for sure! I have a feeling I could do well there (guffaws).

Q: How was it bantering with SouravGanguly on ESPNcricinfo’smatchday during the India v/s England Test series?

Compton: Ha ha! It was good. Loved every bit of it!

Q: Which players would you want Arsenal to catch in the ensuing winter transfer window?

Compton: We need strong and well-built players to deal with the lesser teams at times and a little bit of back up. We need a bigger pool of players because we have a habit of stumbling towards the end.

Q: Any regrets?

Compton: Yes, there are regrets. I rue my exclusion from the Test side for the 2013 Ashes. I also regret not getting a hundred in my hometown, Durban..

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