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Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Hangs up His Captaincy Cap


Dawn of the New Year brings to us Cricketing World an update, fairly expected but not a popular choice, that, Dusk is drawing closer than ever before on the cricket career of MS Dhoni -India’s Captain Marvel. Today MSD announced he is hanging his Captaincy Cap and the day he hangs up his gloves does not seem too far either.

Truly inspirational story, raise from a small town boy to heights, far and few can even dream off let alone achieve.  An admirable human being, and truly selfless individual that he is MSD, he certainly has his fair share of critics, who only scrutinize his every move on the field and have that smirk on their faces when he fails, as if to say, “I knew it” and often end up speechless and eating their words when MSD’s strategies work in favor of his team…

Leading something by itself is a big challenge and more so a Team like India in a cricket mad nation with 1.2 Billion population, majority of who tend to be a captain or cricket expert or coach when sitting in front of their Televisions or while sipping a coffee or an professional strategist discussing on how to win the next tournament during a smoke…

Dhoni lead the Indian Cricket Team in all formats, as a Captain, Wicket keeper, Batsmen, Finisher and many more roles behind the scenes like tactician, handling the seniors, managing the juniors and shielding the team from the media outbursts etc.. that we, the common public would not understand how crucial these facets are in the road map of Team India today.

The Captaincy record of MS Dhoni

Format Matches Win Loss Tie Draw/No Result %Win
TESTs 60 27 17 0 15 45
ODIs 199 110 74 4 11 55.28
T20Is 72 42 28 0 2 58.33
T20Ds** 143 83 59 0 1 58.45

** T20 Domestic matches including IPL & Champions League

Snapshot on purely the volume of matches MSD lead in a span of 9 odd years is humungous and monstrous

6th Most in Tests ; 3rd Most in ODI’s and Most in T20 Internationals

in the entire history of the game, And not to forget – Most for Chennai Super Kings and Pune Super Giants in IPL and Champions League.

331 International matches as a Captain of Team India and 143 T20 domestic or can we say mini Internationals.

MSD lead in 36.78 matches/year – International and 52.67 matches/year overall on an average,. This is definitely a record for the Maximum Average Number of Matches any Captain lead in any year ever..

MS Dhoni will go down in the history books as one of the Best Captains the World Cricket ever saw. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- A Leader, An Inspiration, An Emotion and Above All A Best Friend to All his Team Mates.

Leader in Adversity and mere warrior in Success, We Truly Salute you Skipper and we really hope Virat and BCCI would let Dhoni skipper the first ODI in the upcoming England Series and ensure he ticks the 200 ODI Captaincy box for the statisticians’ satisfaction.

Proud of you Skipper… Congratulations and Our Heartfelt Thank you for taking the entire Nation and the Cricketing World on a Fantastic Journey…. #MSD #CaptainMarvel

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