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5 Cricketers Who Chose Different Profession After Retirement

5 Cricketers Who Chose Different Profession After Retirement
Andrew Flintoff (Credit: Getty Images)

A sportsman is at the mountain top of his ability for only a limited period. Once the prime of their career is over, they start looking for different career options. Some try to complete their education and some try to follow their childhood passion. Cricketers are no different as once they touch 35 years of age, they start to wonder what next after cricket.

Many past cricketers have tried their hand at commentary and have been successful in making that transformation. However, this is relatively easy as they just have to speak their hearts out about the things they love the most. However, some former cricketers life completely changed after Cricket as they decided to change their profession.

Here is the list of five cricketers who chose different profession after retirement:

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5. Brett Lee

Brett Lee playing the guitar (Photo credits: AMAN CHOPRA/AFP/Getty Images)

We all know how devastating Brett Lee was with the ball in hand on the cricket field. The Australian has over 300 wickets in both Tests and ODIs. He made every batsman dance to his tune when he bowled at a speed of over 150 kph. Once the Aussie superstar decided to hang his boots, he became a singer, actor and musician.

Lee, who was already popular in India became more popular when he sang a song with legendary singer Asha Bhosle. Their song “You’re the one for me’ was extremely liked by fans all over. He was also part of a movie named ‘UNindian’ that was released worldwide in 2015.

Brett Lee was the main lead of this movie which was shot in Sydney. The fast bowler also is a passionate guitarist and likes to entertain his fans with this talent of his.

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