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Deep Dasgupta Suggests Hacks To Win 1 Crore In MPL Fantasy Cricket

MPL Fantasy Deep Dasgupta

Fantasy Cricket is in full flow these days. With the second leg of the Indian Cricket League 2021 returning on Sunday (September 19), everyone is looking for the best ways to make the most of this. Mobile Premier League’s (MPL) fantasy expert and former India cricketer Deep Dasgupta points out easy hacks to make it big in fantasy cricket.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket, as the name suggests, is an online fantasy game where you can create a virtual cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming real-life match. The process of playing a fantasy cricket match is quite simple. Your main objective is to score as many points as possible and achieve a position on the leadership board by beating your opponents.

Let’s take a look at some hacks suggested by Deep Dasgupta to win huge prizes while playing fantasy cricket

1) Multiple Teams  

Creating multiple teams means that you have more chances of winning. You can have various combinations and pick different captains and vice-captains in each team. MPL allows us to make up to 99 teams for one game. So the chances of winning are increased.

2) Choosing the Right League  

This is something which is important at any stage whether you are a beginner or a pro. It is important to know which leagues to play. You may start off small by entering leagues that have fewer entry fees.

This will boost your confidence and allow you to play in bigger and better leagues in the future.

3) Research  

Do not underestimate the power of research. Research is essential when it comes to fantasy cricket. You can look at all the statistics and head-to-head between the teams. It is good to know the strengths and weaknesses of players and have a look as to what combination the opposition is playing.

You can pick players who have good records against that particular opposition. It is important to look into all this and make your team.

4) Trust your instinct and knowledge

This is something which you can rely on. T20 is a very dicey format anything can change at any given point in time. An out-of-form player can suddenly score big or pick up wickets in any given game.

So it is essential to rely on your gut feel as more often than not it might turn out to be correct.

5) Budget  

One of the things people forget to do is manage their finances. One must fix their budget for every game and not invest all their money into one game. It is good to distribute the money. You can join small and big leagues for all games. You must weigh the risks and use your money wisely.

6) Doing Something Different  

It is so important to have a player who can be a differential pick in your team. There are certain players who will be picked by everyone. We have to have one or two such players who have been picked by limited people but they can turn the match around.

Again it is important to do your research and trust your gut for this. Differential pick can be in terms of captain and vice-captain as well as they provide the most number of points.

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