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ENG vs IND 2021: Old Trafford Test Not Cancelled Due To The IPL, Says ECB Chief Tom Harrison

ENG vs IND 2021: Old Trafford Test Not Cancelled Due To The IPL, Says ECB Chief Tom Harrison

The fifth Test between England and India was cancelled two hours before kick-off on Friday.The decision was made after a few COVID-19 cases were discovered in the Indian camp. This has led to a lot of outrage and some reports have also claimed that India did not participate since the second leg of the IPL 2021 was about to begin.

The ECB Chief Tom Harisson the other hand has dismissed all of these allegations, claiming that the Test’s cancellation has nothing to do with the IPL.

“This is not the situation which has been created by the rescheduled IPL. That’s not the case. This Indian cricket team are as passionate about Test cricket as fans in our country are and as our cricket team are as well. India simply felt that they got a point where they weren’t able to take to the field. That is understandable,” said Tom Harrison.

The BCCI is working closely with the ECB to establish an appropriate timeframe for rescheduling the remaining Test match.ECB chief also emphasised that everything will be done while keeping players’ mental health in consideration, which is a top priority right now.The length of tours, particularly during these trying times, can have an impact on the players, which is why management chose not to rush the conversations.

BCCI-ECB In Consultation To Reschedule manchester Test: ECB Chief

India tour of England: Harrison declares, ECB won't impose strict biobubble
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“We are looking forward to making sure that we can reschedule this match to some point in the near future. Effectively whether that fifth match is null and void or whether it is actually regarded as something else, a forfeiture. I don’t know where that conversation goes, but it’s not one for today,” added Tom.

This is all about money and the IPL: Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan, former England captain, said that Indian players were scared of testing positive ahead of the IPL, which begins on September 19 in the United Arab Emirates.

Michael wrote in his column for The Telegraph: “Let’s be honest, this is all about money and the IPL. The Test has been cancelled because players were petrified of catching covid and missing the IPL. In a week or so we will be watching the IPL and the players will be running around smiling and happy. But they should have trusted the PCR tests. We know a lot about this virus now. We know how to manage and handle it better. Players are double vaccinated and biosecurity can be raised very quickly.”

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