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Epic Reply By Ross Taylor To Virender Sehwag on ‘Darji”

Virender Sehwag has been called ” The Twitter King ” off late for his witty, hilarious and leg-pulling tweets and replies, proving he is destructive of the cricketing park too, hitting sixes on twitter. Recently Viru and Ross Taylor got into a friendly banter.

After New Zealand”s win, Sehwag, took to Twitter to congratulate Taylor while translating his last name to “tailor”. “Well played @RossLTaylor Darji ji . Great effort after handling the pressure of Diwali orders,” Sehwag”s tweet read. Darji is the literal term for Taylor in Hindi.

Taylor, however, came up with a response in Hindi that caught Viru by surprise.

“Thanks @virendersehwag Bhai agli Baar Apna order time pe Bhej dena so Mai Apko agli Diwali ke pehle deliver kardunga ….happy Diwali,” was the unexpected response.

The reply carried so much weight that Sehwag couldn”t stop but continuing the banter!

Sehwag”s tweet read ” Hahaha Masterji, is saal waali platoon hi ek bilaang Choti karke dena next Diwali pe. Ross the Boss, most sporting 🙂 “. But it seemed as if Taylor had prepared himself for his next response, which read ” Has your Darji not done a good job this Diwali ! ” to which Viru replied ” No one can match up to your high standards of stitching Darji ji, whether it is a pant or a partnership “

The T20 series between India and New Zealand got leveled a couple of days ago. Ross decided to take the conversation to the next level by posting a picture of him posing in front of a Taylor shop beside an old man. His tweet read “

Virender Sehwag #Rajkot mein match k baad, #darji (Tailor) Ki dukaan band. Agli silai #Trivandrum mein hogi… Zaroor Aana. #India #IndvNZ (After the match in Rajkot, tailor’s shop is closed. Next stitching in Trivandrum. Do come!).”