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The Sporting Marvel Turns 29

India is a Cricket crazy nation and we consider our Cricketers no less than Gods. The team has witnessed the rise of many personalities who went to another level of brilliance and excellence.

Out of these Cricketing marvels, we have a man who has just turned 29 and at this age when people begin to settle in their lives, he has 49 International Hundreds, Billions of supporters & has already acquired the status of a “Legend”.

There was a time back in 2011 when Sachin Tendulkar departed in the World Cup final and there was pin drop silence in the stadium because everyone believed that no one can do what the Master Blaster can. At that point of time, this man entered. It was his short yet very influential knock that stabilized the conditions and set a platform for the team from where they went on to become the World Champions. And then there is today”s scenario when people can”t stop roaring their hearts out as this dynamic and dangerous beast makes an entry!

Talent can take you to a certain level but your hard work and attitude are what makes all the difference and that”s what he has demonstrated with his performances.

The amount of improvement he has shown in his personality and his game has not only benefited him but also to the team”s progress. He has shown that when the hunger to get better is high, there is no force that can stop you.

He has been someone who has acted as my biggest inspiration and motivation.

His hard work is a testimony of his greatness. The man who likes chases for dinner & the one who forms the backbone of the Indian Cricket team,

Our Captain, Our Strength….


Happy Birthday VIRAT KOHLI. He is no ordinary player, he is a phenomenon who doesn”t like to be just good, instead, he takes the path of Perfection!

Thanks for showing the world that being calm is not the only means through which you can achieve success. Being aggressive and converting aggression into your strength is also the way that some like to take.

– by Akshata Tilwankar