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Here is Team India captain Virat Kohli’s Diet Plan


A nutritionally sufficient diet is necessary irrespective of whether you’re a top athlete, just an occasional player or a regular gym enthusiast. Diet is a link between a good nutrition and its impact on sportspersons these days.

A healthy diet consists of all the essential nutrients that help one to gain stamina and energy for their game. For youngsters who are a fitness freak and would like to have a fit body, stamina and fitness level like Virat Kohli here are a few secrets of Virat’s diet plan.

Virat follows the old saying “You are what you eat”. Virat believes in home cooked food and avoiding junk and aerated like caffeine, fried and fatty foods are important for him. Virat is a fan of seafood. He also states that you should eat to your heart’s content and eat less is not necessarily good for your body as many assume it to be.

Virat states that he consumes foods that are rich in carbohydrates like Whole Wheat Pasta and cake with Fig compote, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Oatmeal, Potatoes, Fruit juice, sweet corn and bananas, Corn Bread and Rajma Chawal.

He also speaks about Some protein-rich recipes like Fish, Egg white, Chicken, Soybean, Peanut butter cookies, Tofu and Lentil. Virat loves to eat lamb chops and fish as they contain more protein and less fat, whether he is home or on tour.

His diet also contains vitamins and minerals which include Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, leeks, broccoli, peas, cabbage and beans, Almonds, dates, Oranges, and Apples. To avoid dehydration as long hours are spent on field Virat believes in drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise.

Fresh juices can pump up some energy during your game like Pomegranate Juice, Carrot, Tomato Juice, Watermelon, Grapes and Lemon juice. He also believes in having a lot of mineral water and is very strict with his intake and has only Evian Water, which is gathered from springs in the French Alps.

Virat’s advice to sports enthusiasts is don’t eat KFC, don’t drink unhealthy liquids and eat chocolates. Virat mentions that he consumes organic wheat crackers over fried chips as they are a lot healthier. He also says that keeping a close watch on what one eats is important. And practicing self-control on eating habits helps as it prevents disturbing your fitness goals in a very big way.

Virat very specifically mentions that there should be the right diet for special body types. “It is important to eat right but also more important to make sure that I am eating according to my body requirements. To maintain a high fitness level, one needs to work for it constantly.”

This is how self-control and watch over the right diet is important if one aspires to become or reach anywhere near a consistent athlete or sportsperson like Virat Kohli.  As they say “For getting healthy, the kind of food you eat is everything.” Good Luck to all aspiring young sportspersons and athletes.

– by Cresinda D Costa

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