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Team India Skipper Virat Kohli reveals his diet plan

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Indian superstar captain Virat Kohli revealed his diet in an interview with Gaurav Kapoor in a recent episode of web series “Breakfast with Champions”.

Indian Team skipper who is renowned for his supreme fitness and workout ethics told Gaurav what food exactly goes into his body which along with those intense hours of training makes him the athlete par excellence.

Virat explained that he stays away from junk foods and try to focus on high proteins and healthy fats. He starts off the morning breakfast with an omelet consisting 3 egg whites and one whole egg. After that, he goes for some veggies and grilled bacon. As we all know fruits are one of the more healthier and richest sources of fibers, Kohli too has added papaya and watermelon to his breakfast.

Egg white omelet (Pic Source: Healthy Recipes)

Gluten-free bread along with some nut butter and healthy cheese makes for a delicious and wholemeal breakfast for the Indian skipper who finishes his first meal with a cup of Lemon Tea.

Lemon Tea (Pic Source: Google)

One thing to note here is the variety and the specific care of the right amount nutrients from every meal, Kohli was quite adamant in his chat with Gaurav that diet is as important as a workout is for the body.

Virat’s lunch is usually some mashed potatoes, veggies and Grilled Chicken. Kohli focuses on eating only grilled and boiled foods which are rich in healthy fats and carbohydrates. He caps off his day with whole lots of seafood which obviously includes fish in the dinner.

Chicken with mashed potatoes & roasted vegetables (Pic Source: Google)

So now we all know that along with his extreme training there is a whole lot of precise and thoughtful diet that the superstar batsman follows to make him look fresh and raring to go even after whole days of cricket.

Grilled Fish (Pic Source: Zmescience)