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Explained: What Is The Q-Collar Tom Kohler-Cadmore Has Been Spotted Wearing In The IPL 2024?

Explained: What Is The Q-Collar Tom Kohler-Cadmore Has Been Spotted Wearing In The IPL 2024?
Tom Kohler-Cadmore Image: Cricfit

Tom Kohler-Cadmore, the Rajasthan Royals’ debutant, was observed wearing an innovative Q-Collar around his neck throughout the match. This gadget attempts to reduce the risk of brain injury after head hits, demonstrating a proactive approach to player safety in sports.

Cadmore used the ‘Q-Collar’ device for the first time in cricket during the Hundred 2023 game on August 17. He appeared to be wearing an odd collar around his neck, which drew notice from fans.

On the other hand, National Football League (NFL) soccer players frequently wear the Q-Collar wearable band. This technology has recently entered the cricket game. In the most recent FIFA World Cup 2023 tournament, two female football players were also seen wearing it.

What is a Q-Collar device and what are its advantages?

Tom Kohler-Cadmore made his IPL debut for the Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday, May 15, in Guwahati against the PBKS. The addition of Kohler-Cadmore takes the place of veteran batsman Jos Buttler, who has left for home ahead of the Pakistan series.

Kohler-Cadmore was seen during the game with an inventive Q-Collar around his neck. This gadget shows a proactive approach to player safety in sports by attempting to reduce the chance of brain injury following head strikes.

Tom Kohler-Cadmore
Tom Kohler-Cadmore

The standard neckband to wear when participating in sports to prevent brain damage is called a Q-collar. The jugular veins, which return blood from the brain to the heart, are somewhat compressed by the device. This collar band exerts pressure, which causes our head’s blood volume to rise and causes us to move less. Athletes who move less are better able to prevent brain damage from any head trauma.

Thus, it can be a helpful tool for cricket players to prevent major concussions. Modern cricket helmets appear to be working well, as there are fewer and fewer cases of brain damage from balls striking heads. However, there aren’t many significant instances in which athletes sustained significant injuries while fielding or hitting.

Since taking greater chances in the game is correlated with reduced fear, there isn’t much empirical data to support the effectiveness of this device. The ICC has made helmet use required for cricket players; however, there is currently no legislation governing the use of devices such as Q-Collars during international matches.

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