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Former Team India Physiotherapist John Gloster Unconvinced with Yo-Yo Test

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Yo-Yo Test Is this test really making the chances bleak for many talented youngsters??? Are several dreams shattered just because of this test?? While Sandeep Patil questioned several BCCI officials regarding the same, here’s an opinion from the former Indian physiotherapist John Gloster.

John Gloster worked as Indian teams physiotherapist till Australia tour of 2008. In his times, he worked with the legends of the game who redefined the game and took it to a whole new level. In a recent interview to Sportstar Magazine, he said “Yo-Yo test could be of help in the T20s, but is it a definitive test for all formats of the game? I am not too sure.”

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Ambati Rayudu and Sanju Samson had failed the Yo-Yo Test which made them unavailable for their respective series. Though both of them played a vital role in clinching the victories for the team(IPL), failing this test proved a bit costly.

Gloster who is currently engaged with the Rajasthan Royals franchise had his say on youngster Sanju Samson. He added “The reason to have such tests is to know the durability factor. But then, what about the benchmark? Is Sanju Samson unfit? No. He took some fantastic catches during the IPL, which would not have been possible had he been unfit. ”

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Gloster also said that the benchmark should be reconsidered as it really gives a source of relief for the players to clear the test. “The game is becoming skill-based and it is important that one has the ability to execute. It is a must to build fatigue resistant athletes, and that’s justified. But the argument is, is 16.1 the ideal cut-off point? That’s the grey area,” said an unconvinced Gloster.

Will BCCI really bring a change in the cut-off timing?? While several questions were being raised by the criticism and experts can BCCI bring a minor change considering the dreams of the youngsters across the subcontinent? Only time will tell.