What is Yo-Yo Test And Why it is so Important in Indian Cricket

On 11th June 2018, Mohammad Shami for India against Afghanistan in one-off test and Sanju Samson for India A tri-series with England Lions and West Indies A are reported to have failed YO- YO test.

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They have been replaced by Navdeep Saini and Ishan Kishan respectively. YO- YO test is becoming popular as a check a sports persons aerobatic fitness levels in the modern day cricket.


YO- YO test is a fitness test that assesses the abilities of the sportsperson. It is a variation of beep test developed by Danish Soccer physiologist Jens Bangbso.

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In Soccer, most of the European countries use this test. England, Australia and New Zealand use this test in Cricket for years. Passing YO- YO test is becoming an important criteria for the cricketers to be selected for representing India since 2016.


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It comprises of two levels, The first level is the standard beep test. In level 2, as the sportspersons begin at running speed and have incremental different levels called YO- YO endurance test. The YO- YO test’s main motive is to Marking Cones, Flat, non-slip surface, measuring tapes, recording sheets are the equipment required for the YO- YO tests.


In the YO- YO tests, 3 cones are marked out of which two are marked 20 M apart and remaining two 5 meters apart. The person starts with one foot behind the middle point, runs when given instructions and continues to run between the two lines when beeps are recorded. On the return has to walk for the 5 meters distance and again run the first lap. The person has to increase his speed as the rounds increase.

(Pic Source: PTI/ANI/ Navbharat Times)

The subject has to touch the lines and if he, has to run and try to catch the pace in 2 more beeps. If the person does not catch up at both ends, the test is stopped. The Level 1 of YO- YO intermittent test, a person takes 6-20 minutes, followed by endurance test taking 2-10 minutes at Level 2.

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In India YO- YO test was introduced by Anil Kumble after taking over as the coach of the Indian team in 2016, as he made fitness as the most important criteria for selection. Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni supported this test and Shankar Basu the trainer at that time set up benchmarks for selection to the Indian team at international level. Virat Kohli continues to support the YO- YO test as he has set the standard for the highest level of fitness in the Indian team.


The Indian Cricketer needs to pass 16.1 marks for the selection to the Indian team both senior and India A teams. So far we know that Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina is the others established players who failed this test initially. Suresh Raina has come back in T20 by improving his fitness.

(Pic Source: PTI)

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MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, Captain Kohli, Manish Pandey are the trendsetters in passing this fitness and endurance test in the current Indian team.

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