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Gautam Gambhir Addresses Criticism Of KKR’s ‘Militant Coach’ In IPL 2023

Gautam Gambhir Addresses Criticism Of KKR’s ‘Militant Coach’ In IPL 2023
Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir, a mentor for the Kolkata Knight Riders team, shared his thoughts on their head coach, Chandrakant Pandit. This comes after criticism from former player David Wiese, who called Pandit’s coaching style “militant.” Gambhir, who previously mentored another team, joined KKR this season. Despite his short time with Pandit, Gambhir hasn’t heard any negative feedback.

Chandrakant has a successful coaching record with teams like Mumbai, Vidarbha, and Madhya Pradesh in the Ranji Trophy. He’s been with KKR since the 2023 season. Gambhir’s remarks shed light on their working relationship and suggest there haven’t been any issues so far.

“There were certain issues going on behind the scenes in the team. Guys weren’t happy with certain things that were going on, and a lot of the times, it was a tough changing room.”

David Wiese Discusses Players’ Frustration with New Coach’s Methods in IPL 2023

Chandrakant Pandit
Chandrakant Pandit

“There was a new coach coming in and he liked to do things a certain way, and that didn’t sit well with the players,” David Wiese had said ‘Hitman for Hire: A year in the life of a franchise cricketer’ podcast. “Guys were frustrated because a lot changed, and the coach brought in things that he thought would bring success. But as an overseas player, they sometimes don’t sit well. He’s known in India as a fairly militant type of coach, a strict disciplinarian.”

“The overseas guys who’ve played all over the world don’t need someone coming in and telling him how to behave and what to wear and what to do. I was chill with it, but there were players more stubborn than me.”

So far, Gambhir’s experience with Chandrakant has been unique.

“I have not heard about any criticism. It’s been early days, and my working relationship with him has been really very good. Hopefully, it will continue that way. Whatever has been said, I have no clue about it. I think he has been pretty successful in first-class cricket, and that is the reason why he has got this opportunity. So far, it has been really good working with him,” said Gambhir as quoted by Times Now.

Previously, KKR’s standout all-rounder Andre Russell expressed support for the coach, noting that “he’s been doing fantastic work.”

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