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Argument During Gully Cricket Turns Ugly As A Team Thrashes A Couple And Their Son With Bats And Stumps

Cricket is like a religion in the country as people from all parts play the game in their neighbourhood and society which is tagged as ‘gully cricket’. Often times such matches are extremely competitive and friends even turn into enemies some times as winning becomes the only priority. Recently during a ‘gully cricket’ match in Pune, things turned very ugly as a couple and their son was beaten by a group of people when the family as a team to play somewhere else.

Gully Cricket Turns Ugly As A Team Beats A Couple And Their Son

On Sunday, a couple and their son were thrashed with rocks, bricks, a bat and stumps after they had an argument with a group of nine persons. The conflict took place in the Ramtekdi area on Sunday. The matter came to light when one of the victims Pushpa Thakur, approached the local police.

Pushpa Thakur her husband and their son were badly beaten after they raised objection during gully cricket. According to the woman’s statement, the suspects were playing cricket in front of their house at around 11 am. Soon after her husband named Deepak asked the group of people to play cricket somewhere else after which the accused supposedly created a ruckus and heaved abuses at Deepak and his family.

The police also confirmed that the family was attacked with rocks, bricks, bats and stumps. The couple and their son have suffered serious injuries after the attack and the involved were charged under relevant sections related to murder, rioting and criminal intimidation. Surprisingly no arrest has been made yet but efforts are initiated to catch the attackers.

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Furthermore, a similar case earlier in this month took place in Delhi when a man professedly shot his own friend to death at a birthday party after the two had a discussion over the kind of music being played at the party. The incident took place at a farmhouse in Delhi. The involved initially made an attempt to pass off the murder as an accident.

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