Home Fitness Here Is Why The Planks Workout Is One Of The Best Core Exercises?

Here Is Why The Planks Workout Is One Of The Best Core Exercises?

Here Is Why The Planks Workout Is One Of The Best Core Exercises?

Plank is a tried and tested workout for your abs. This has been the most effective workout. Plank is regarded as one of the best fat-burning exercises. A plank hold engages multiple muscles at once, in return strengthening the muscles of your body. The one great advantage of the planks workout is that it burns the fat around the abdomen area. Planks also improve your posture, brings in more flexibility, and tone the stomach as well.

How do we start?

A beginner can start with a conservative approach. Being with 10 seconds and hold the pose for 30 seconds or 45 seconds at one time. The moment the individual feels his hips are dropping and the bodyweight is not uniform he/she can take a break.

What are planks exercise good for?

A plank exercise is the best exercise to strengthen your core and abdomen. These exercises strengthen your hips, lower back, and abdomen and improve your body balance. It is used in yoga, by professional boxers, and sports like hockey, cricket, and football.

What happens if you do planks every day?

Planks have an overall impact on the body. If an individual can diligently carry out his plans every day, the results are magical. There will be a boost in overall health and fitness. Various muscle groups get enhanced and more importantly the back and core muscles see a progressive & productive change. A consistent Planks workout can help you lose inches around your waist. The exercises over a period of time will burn calories and strengthen your core.

In planks, the most important thing to be kept in mind is that the body needs to be aligned properly. If this is not achieved, then all the efforts are useless. For all the muscles to be activated correctly, one should ensure he/she gets the posture and formation right. In short, Plank is the most effective and result-oriented core strengthening exercise. The key here is to balance the body on your forearms and toes.

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