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Here Is Why This Current Indian Team Is Not Injury Prone Like Previous Teams


Injuries have always played a brutal role in the careers of great sportspersons and at times have also been the reason for their retirement. But ever since the game of cricket has evolved over the past few years, injuries have dwindled to a great extent. The new era of cricket has emerged and the young roots of the Indian Cricket Team have made sure that the injuries should not act as a reason for their failure.

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The main reason why the current Indian Cricket Team is not Injury prone like the previous Teams is their high standard fitness goals. Workout and daily exercise have become a part of the daily routine of these young cricketers who aspire millions of people around the globe to live a healthier life.

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Intensive training and workout sessions helped the cricketers to build up the stamina required to stay on the field all day and win the match for their team. However, along with regular training, the cricketers also make sure to eat the right food and follow a proper diet which also includes reduction of alcohol consumption.

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Fitness has not only reduced the injury levels of cricketers but also has improved their game quite drastically. Virat Kohli is a great example of one such cricketer who improved his running between the wickets and overall skills by his fitness and great stamina. The revitalization in the field of cricket done by the young cricketers have also inspired the senior members of the team to take up fitness seriously and include training in their daily schedule.


Another reason for this is the wide range of demand from the fans. The fans no longer idolize a player blindly, they need their inspiration to be perfect in every field, be it fitness or cricket. The demands from fans and their endless criticism have compelled the cricketers to look upon their body closely and change it for the good.

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With the rapidly increasing competition, it is necessary for the young cricketers to not let injury be a cause of their failure. 365 days on the field, 11 players giving their best to win the big matches for a team with endless competition, it is sure that only the fit ones can sustain their position on the field.

– by Shraddha Kejriwal

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