Home Cricket News “I Started Crying,” Cheteshwar Pujara Opens Up On The Toughest Phase

“I Started Crying,” Cheteshwar Pujara Opens Up On The Toughest Phase

“I Started Crying,” Cheteshwar Pujara Opens Up On The Toughest Phase

India’s stone wall in the Test cricket format, Cheteshwar Pujara, is appreciated for the comprehensive nature. The batter puts on a tough composure on the pitch with the willow. His strong intent and resolution distract the bowlers. He was crucial in India’s historic 2-1 win against Australia in the latter’s backyard earlier this year.

However, life is not any flat track for anyone. Once, life threw a lot of challenges at Pujara as well; even he thought he would not be able to play cricket again. When the cricketer sustained an injury for the first time, it was all negativity dwindling in his mind. The injury kept him away from the field for a long time, which took a toll on his mindset.

Coming back from the first injury was the toughest phase – Cheteshwar Pujara

“When I had my first injury, to come back from it was the toughest time of my cricketing career. The moment our team physio came to and spoke to me that the recovery would be about six months. So, I was so upset, I started crying. I was in a negative mindset at that time. ‘Will I be able to play this game again? Will I be able to play at the international level again?” Cheteshwar Pujara revealed in a Youtube interview on Mind Matters.

The Gujarat-born batter started to speak with his friends and family that helped to battle out the negativity. Cheteshwar Pujara said that from that point in time he started focusing on the present and not on his future.

“So, slowly I started talking to my family members, my father, my friends and they started giving me positive feedback that you will come out of this, don’t worry about it. So, I stopped worrying about my future and started focusing on my present,” he further added.

Cheteshwar Pujara practices meditation and yoga to stay positive. He has also excelled in the task of tackling pressure. He will be next seen during the upcoming World Test Championship final against New Zealand scheduled to take place in Southampton starting from June 18 followed by the five-match Test series against England.

He was with the Chennai Super Kings squad in the truncated IPL 2021; however, didn’t get any game time.

“Once you are in a negative zone, everything around you becomes negative. I do yoga and try meditation, I do my prayers every day, which helps me to remain in a positive mindset.

“There was a time when I felt I could not handle the pressure. When I had issues in my younger days, I used to go to my mother and cried in front of her saying that I had a lot of pressure and nervousness and I don’t want to play cricket. But now I know how to handle the pressure,” Cheteshwar Pujara said.

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