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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Mitchell Starc Hints At Retirement Decision

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Mitchell Starc Hints At Retirement Decision

Australian cricketer Mitchell Starc, currently engaged in the 2023 ODI World Cup in India, has disclosed his decision to abstain from participating in the 2027 edition of the tournament. While he gears up for the upcoming semi-final clash against South Africa, Starc has emphasized his commitment to continuing his presence in the one-day format for the foreseeable future.

Expressing his future plans, Starc informed reporters, “I plan to continue playing after this, but I’m sure I won’t be part of the next World Cup. I don’t foresee it. Four years is quite a long period.”

This decision aligns with his inclination towards prioritizing his Test career, suggesting that he would consider retiring from the other two formats before contemplating a departure from red-ball cricket.

Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc

Starc’s focus on the imminent World Cup semifinal appears resolute, as he clarified, “To me, the World Cup semifinal is simply another one-day game for Australia. It’s not the conclusion of my journey in one-day cricket just yet.” Despite a somewhat subdued performance in the ongoing tournament, securing 10 wickets at an average of 43.90, Starc remains optimistic about making a substantial impact in the crucial semi-final.

Reflecting on his current form, he acknowledged, “I haven’t performed at the level I desired, not like the last two World Cups. But now, there’s an opportunity at the critical stage to make an impact again.”

Starc attributed the challenges he faced in the tournament to the specific conditions, particularly while bowling first with the new ball and two fielders out.

However, he affirmed that it’s not a sob story but rather the inherent nature of one-day cricket. As Starc looks ahead to the semi-final and the remainder of his cricketing journey, his strategic decision to step back from the 2027 ODI World Cup marks a pivotal moment in his career, emphasizing a thoughtful approach to balancing his contributions across different formats of the game.

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