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ICC WTC: Sachin Tendulkar Stunned By The Exclusion Of Ravichandran Ashwin

ICC WTC: Sachin Tendulkar Stunned By The Exclusion Of Ravichandran Ashwin

Premier off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was not selected in the India XI for the World Test Championship final, despite the fact that the Australian lineup included five left-handed batters. Coach Rahul Dravid defended the choice, claiming that the team was forced to select a fourth specialist seamer due to the team’s preference for the overcast conditions.

On Sunday, Sachin Tendulkar, a legendary player in cricket, congratulated Team Australia on winning the World Test Championship. Steve Smith and Travis Head received special recognition from Sachin Tendulkar for helping their team during the first innings to a strong position.

The master-blaster disagreed with Team India’s choice to omit Ravichandran Ashwin from the starting XI.

Thank you for your support as Team Australia won the WTCFinal. To sway the game in their favor, @stevesmith49 and @travishead34 laid a strong foundation from Day One. India needed to bat well in the first innings to stay in the match, but they were unable to do so.

There were some positive moments for Team India, but Sachin Tendulkar questioned why the world’s best Test bowler, @ashwinravi99, wasn’t included in the starting lineup.

Sachin Tendulkar highlighted the importance of talented spinners and how they use a variety of factors to succeed in high-stakes matches.

Skillful spinners, as I had previously mentioned, don’t always rely on turning tracks; instead, they can conceal their variations by drifting in the air and bouncing off the ground. Not to mention, five of Australia’s top eight batters were left-handed, Sachin Tendulkar continued.

Fascinatingly, skipper Rohit Sharma has received a lot of criticism from Team India supporters and cricket legends for the decision to leave out Ravichandran Ashwin. Sachin Tendulkar was not the only one to question the move.

By not playing Ravi Ashwin, India made a mistake. He ranks No. Bowler No. 1 in the rankings. You don’t search the field for players similar to him. You don’t select the top bowler in Test cricket even though you are playing in the championship game of the World Test Championships.

I don’t know how Team India came to this decision. Sunil Gavaskar was quoted by Star Sports as saying, “I would have chosen him in place of Umesh Yadav, who was out of action and appeared out of rhythm.

Due to the large number of left-handers Australia has, I was surprised that Ashwin was overlooked. Without a doubt, Ashwin would have bowled much more effectively in the remaining innings of the Test than Jadeja. They had to choose between Thakur and Umesh, which was a major decision.

Thakur would be my workhorse and give the strike bowlers Shami and Siraj a brief break, so I was leaning towards him. Ricky Pointing, a former Australian captain, advised using Jadeja for a few overs to slow the game down a bit.”

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