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Indian And Pakistan Cricketers Likely To Play In Same Team in Afro-Asia Cup 2023

Babar Azam Virat Kohli
Babar Azam (L) and Virat Kohli (R) (Credit: Twitter)

Virat Kohli and Babar Azam are two of the biggest superstars in Asia currently in the field of cricket. Many times fans have expressed their desire to see both of them playing together in the same team. This wish of cricket fans can soon be completed in the Afro-Asia Cup 2023.

According to reports, we might see both of them playing together in the Afro- Asia Cup tournament. It is a tournament where top players from the African and Asian continent face each other. A single team from Asian countries is created where players from India and Pakistan play together.

The Afro-Asia Cup tournament is expected to be held in 2023.  Last time, this tournament was held in 2007 where MS Dhoni took part. In the 2005 edition, Virender Sehwag and Shahid Afridi were in the same team. It would be exciting for fans to watch India and Pakistan players form a partnership.

ACC head Prabhakaran Thanraj revealed that a plan to conduct this tournament is going on. ACC head said, “We haven’t got confirmation from the boards yet. We are still working on the white paper and it will be submitted to both boards. But our plan is for the best players from India and Pakistan to be playing in the Asian XI.”

“It would be beautiful to see Indian and Pakistani players play in same team” – ACC Head

ACC head further said that once the dates are finalised , sponsorship and broadcasting details would also come.

“Once plans are finalized we will go into the market for sponsorship and a broadcaster. It will be a massive event. Really, really big,” Thanraj told Forbes.

“I would love to see the opportunity to build the bridge and allow the players to play together. I’m sure the players want it to happen and to keep the politics away from it. It would be a beautiful thing to see players from Pakistan and India playing on the same team,” Prabhakaran Damodar added in his interview.

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