IPL 2020 To Be Played In Two Legs This Year – Reports

IPL (Credit: Twitter)

The IPL 2020 is about to start in 3 weeks in time and the BCCI still haven’t released the schedule. Fans are anxiously waiting as BCCI are causing a slight delay in the announcement of the schedule. Normally we see the BCCI release the IPL schedule four weeks prior to the start of the cash-rich league. But this year things have been different, with the IPL getting postponed to it getting shifted out in the middle east.

From what we know is that the BCCI has delayed the announcement due to two reasons, first one is they want to work out the quarantine protocol plan for England and Australian players returning from the UK.

IPL 2020 Most Likely To Be Played In 2 Legs

Second is since Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have different rules pertaining to COVID-19. Especially the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi has a special rule wherein you need a COVID-19 negative test each and every time you enter the city. Keeping in mind all the rules of the country in the gulf, the BCCI is delaying the announcement of the schedule.

With each city having its own set of restrictions, the BCCI is planning to play the IPL in two different legs. With the first leg being conducted in Dubai and Sharjah followed by the second leg in Abu Dhabi.

IPL 2020 to take place in two legs as per reports

Since there are no travel restrictions to travel from Dubai to Sharjah, BCCI can plan to conduct majority matches in those two cities. The nation’s capital Abu Dhabi, which is a 90 mins drive from Dubai, will then be hosts for the second leg.

It is likely that the IPL governing Council Chairman Brijesh Patel will announce the schedule in less than 48 hours time. Since he will be meeting the officials from the Emirates Cricket Board to discuss the proceedings of the schedule. We can expect a press release from Brijesh Patel about the IPL schedule in two days time.