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IPL 2023: Gavaskar And Bishop Mercilessly Mock Pietersen On-Air During The DC VS KKR

IPL 2023: Gavaskar And Bishop Mercilessly Mock Pietersen On-Air During The DC VS KKR
Sunil Gavaskar

During DC’s IPL 2023 match against KKR, Sunil Gavaskar and Ian Bishop mercilessly mocked Kevin Pietersen on air. During Thursday’s home game between the Delhi Capitals (DC) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar and former West Indies cricketer Ian Bishop made fun of former England captain Kevin Pietersen.

For the 16th season of the lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL), Pietersen, a late addition to the lineup of celebrity commentators captained the Delhi Capitals in 2014. The Delhi Capitals suffered five consecutive losses in the richest T20 league in the world in 2013 and were eliminated at the bottom of the standings.

DC hasn’t won a game in any of their first five league games this season under the veteran opener David Warner. Commentator Bishop referred to Delhi’s disastrous IPL 2023 run while pointing out that the Capitals have lost their first five league games for the first time since 2013.

Bishop clarified that he wasn’t trying to draw attention to Delhi’s forgetful season under Pietersen. He then burst into uncontrollable laughter. Petersen was chosen to lead the Capitals franchise in the 2014 IPL after being signed for the staggering sum of INR 9 crore.

Only twice this season have the Delhi Capitals lost their first five games. It last occurred in 2013 (laughter). Kevin Pietersen just raised his hand and claimed to have been the captain at the time. Bishop remarked live on air during DC vs KKR in the IPL 2023.

Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen

“I raised my hand and admitted guilt in the capacity of captain.  The toss was won by them and that was a very good start to the job. And for this wonderful city and its admiring following. They have to start this campaign off well this evening, Sunny” Pietersen continued.

Pietersen scored 294 runs in the IPL 2014. Pietersen’s Delhi Capitals had lost 12 of their previous 14 league games at the time.

The legendary batsman Gavaskar added his voice to the on-air banter. He made a noteworthy comment regarding Delhi’s disastrous IPL season debut. They must launch their campaign immediately, without a doubt.

I’m not sure what you said to encourage your team after those defeats. Warner will want to let his team know that. To be upbeat, to have self-confidence and to seize difficult opportunities. It’s crucial to field well and keep KKR to a manageable total, said Gavaskar.

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