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IPL 2023: PBKS Fielding Coach Says Shikhar Dhawan Needs Two To Three Days To Recover

IPL 2023: PBKS Fielding Coach Says Shikhar Dhawan Needs Two To Three Days To Recover
IPL 2023: Shikhar Dhawan Plays A Heroic Innings For PBKS Against SRH

Shikhar Dhawan, the regular captain of Punjab Kings won’t be available for another two to three days in the IPL 2023. Making him a questionable starter for Saturday’s Indian Premier League matchup against Mumbai Indians.

On April 13, Dhawan hurt his shoulder while playing for Punjab King against Gujarat Titans. Despite missing two games since then with 233 runs in four games and a 116.50. He is still among the top five batters this season.

When questioned by the media about the status of Dhawan’s injury, PBKS fielding coach Trevor Gonsalves responded, “It should take another 2-3 days”.

It was a good wicket to bat on, Gonsalves said when discussing the game. Although we lost a few early wickets, we managed to get them a good enough score.

Shikhar Dhawan started well for his side


While chasing 175, PBKS was dismissed for 150 runs in 18 12 overs. Punjab’s run chase was largely ruined by India and RCB pacer Mohammed Siraj. According to Adam Griffith, Siraj is currently among the best bowling coach for RCB.

Even in the final contest, 440 runs were scored and he only went for 30. He has been bowling well not just today but throughout the entire tournament. He bowled extremely well for India, as we could see. The fact that our powerplays have been so successful with the ball thus far in the tournament is not by accident, he continued. “He is our leader and sets the tone upfront with the ball”.

According to Griffith, Siraj has demonstrated exceptional length control and is not falling into the common trap of pitching the ball up to swing.

He is still swinging it at such an extreme angle of aggression that the batter cannot get close enough to him or lower enough to drive him. According to him, “His ability to get the ball to cross the left-hander and come back into the right-hander has been a real showcase for him.

Josh Hazlewood of Australia is recovering from an Achilles tendonitis injury, which will take some time before he is ready for selection, according to Griffith.

“He stayed in Bangalore to continue his training, which is going very well. In order to be cleared to play, he needs to complete a few tasks that Cricket Australia must approve. But he is making every effort to ensure that he is prepared to go. He will be evaluated when we return,” Griffith continued.

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