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IPL 2023: Shaun Pollock Opines On Hardik Pandya’s Captaincy

IPL 2023: Shaun Pollock Opines On Hardik Pandya’s Captaincy

Shaun Pollock, the former captain of South Africa, said ”Gujarat Titans captain Hardik Pandya’s leadership is a class act. But he needs to be able to switch up his approach when necessary”. Pollock also believes that Hardik needs to shift gears despite being a class act.

He also stated that Hardik Pandya has all the skills that it takes to succeed at No. 3. He should enhance his running between the wickets as well. And according to recent comments made by the veteran,” Hardik Pandya’s choice to bat first for the Gujarat Titans (GT) in the current Indian Premier League (IPL 2023) season is fine with him”.

However, he emphasized that Pandya needed to adjust to the circumstances and shift gears occasionally. Pollock believes the GT captain has the aptitude to be successful after mentioning the all-arounder’s outstanding batting performances from the previous year.

Notably, Hardik scored a half-century in the previous game against the Delhi Capitals (DC). But the defending champions were still five runs short of the 131-run target despite his unbeaten 59-run knock.

I don’t think Hardik Pandya of the Gujarat Titans should be demoted. Given their firepower, he most likely would still carry out this action if he were in Mumbai. ” Last year, I saw some good performances from him ”, Shaun Pollock said in an interview with Cricbuzz.

I think he may only need to change gears once in a while. I don’t care if he ascends even higher. He is a top-notch athlete with great striking ability.

”Hardik Pandya should work on improving his running between the wickets”, according to Shaun Pollock. He made a point of pointing out how the batter had previously jogged for a single on a number of occasions and hit the ball deep.

“I know it’s because of the injuries he’s had. There is a lot to be said for people who charge between the wickets, though, if you look more closely at the innings he played the other night. and exert pressure on fielders. He frequently just hit the sweeper and proceeded to jog through”, according to Pollock.

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