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IPL 2023: [WATCH] Rishabh Pant Celebrates “No More Crutches Day”

IPL 2023: [WATCH] Rishabh Pant Celebrates “No More Crutches Day”

After suffering injuries, he received in a fatal car accident, Indian wicketkeeper-batter Rishabh Pant has begun to walk without assistance for the first time. After receiving treatment in a hospital, he is now recovering at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore.

On Friday, Rishabh Pant used his official Twitter account to share a video and provide his devoted followers with an upbeat update on his recovery, As part of his ongoing rehabilitation.

Rishabh Pant declares, “Happy NO MORE CRUTCHES Day!”

Rishabh Pant on his recovery process, shared, “I value enjoying my life to the fullest today”. Pant recently discussed his progress with his recovery in an interview with IANS.

The southpaw, who was in a reflective mood, said that the journey had given him a new outlook on life and that he was learning to value the little things in life. He uttered:

“I find it difficult to determine whether my environment has turned out better or worse. However, I now have a new outlook on how I currently perceive my life. I value living life to the fullest today, and this includes taking pleasure in even the smallest details that we often overlook in the course of our daily activities”.

“Everyone today hustles and works incredibly hard to achieve something special. But we’ve forgotten to enjoy the little things that bring us joy every single day”.

”The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that being thankful every day is also a blessing. I’ve adopted this outlook since my setback and I’ve made it a personal goal to be able to appreciate every opportunity that comes my way”.

The current IPL 2023 without Rishabh Pant is already a done deal. David Warner is in charge of the Delhi Capitals this season while he is out.

In addition, Rishabh Pant will miss the World Test Championship (WTC) final against Australia in June and is questionable for the ODI World Cup in October.

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