Home Cricket News IPL 2023: [WATCH] MS Dhoni’s Daughter, Ziva Dhoni Cheers In The Crowd After He Hits A Six

IPL 2023: [WATCH] MS Dhoni’s Daughter, Ziva Dhoni Cheers In The Crowd After He Hits A Six

IPL 2023: [WATCH] MS Dhoni’s Daughter, Ziva Dhoni Cheers In The Crowd After He Hits A Six

The captain of the Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni was cheered on from the stands on May 10 by his eight-year-old daughter while he was playing in the IPL 2023.

The home team had a great night as they improved their chances of making the playoffs by defeating Delhi Capitals by a score of 27 runs.

Chennai fans saw their beloved Thala’s legendary final strike in the first innings, so they too got their money’s worth. On his way to 20 off nine balls, Dhoni hit two sixes and a four.

Ziva and Sakshi are cheering on MS Dhoni from the stands

Sakshi and Ziva Dhoni, the wife and daughter of MS Dhoni, were delighted with his appearance and cheered when he hit a few sixes. The video down below allows you to see their responses.

The game’s opening batter, CSK, scored 167/8 with 20+ runs from multiple batters. As a response, DC could only muster 140/8, losing the game by a margin of 27 runs.

At their home stadium, CSK’s spinners once again ruled the roost thanks to MS Dhoni’s skilful manipulation of them to choke the opposition’s batting lineup. ”A lot changed in the second half”, according to MS Dhoni.

At the post-game presentation, MS Dhoni revealed that the second innings featured more turns on the surface. He further disclosed that they were uncertain of the par score but anticipated that the surface would likely become slower in the second innings. Dhoni said:

“In the second half, it turned a lot. Our spinners use a lot more seam than some of the other bowlers, as we are aware. We anticipated a slight slowdown. Sincere to say, we had no idea what a good score was. Since the batters look to score heavily at that point, I wanted the bowlers to bowl tight lines rather than attempting to take wickets”.

He added the following in regard to the areas that needed improvement:

“In the end, 170 odd was good. We could perform marginally better as a batting unit. You were better off playing some of the shots on such a wicket. The choice of shot and boundary is crucial, so consider both carefully.”.

At the same location on May 14, CSK will next play KKR.

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