Home Cricket News IPL 2023: With His Instagram Story, Naveen ul Haq Stirs Up More Controversy

IPL 2023: With His Instagram Story, Naveen ul Haq Stirs Up More Controversy

IPL 2023: With His Instagram Story, Naveen ul Haq Stirs Up More Controversy

When he was seen fighting with Naveen ul Haq during a match against Royal Challengers Banglore And Lucknow Super Giants, Kohli was in a similar circumstance. With the level of aggression and intent that Virat Kohli brings to the field, he frequently engages in verbal altercations with players from competing teams.

Even with a meagre 126 runs, Royal Challengers Bangalore put the opposing team in serious peril by regularly taking their wickets in the IPL 2023. Virat Kohli discovered on Monday just how much support he has received over the years. As he was serenaded with chants even as home player Naveen ul Haq received an award.

Naveen ul Haq fuels more controversy with his Instagram story

The RCB bowlers were making headlines with their super bowling as LSG was brought down to 77/8. The focus of attention for many, though, was a verbal altercation between Virat Kohli and Naveen ul Haq.

In between overs, a verbal battle between the Afghan bowler and the Indian star batter could be seen. Amit Mishra intervened to stop the fight from developing into a brawl. When both of the men were acting aggressively toward one another.

Users were quick to share their emotions on social media in response to the impact of the heated exchange between the two cricketers. Naveen ul Haq came out to bat against the odds as LSG was having trouble chasing down their target of 127. And his 13-ball stay was long enough to cause a fight with Kohli.

Before the umpires and the batter on the other end, Amit Mishra intervened to mediate the argument between the two. The two exchanged a few words on the field.

However, during the post-match handshakes, the two met again and the teammates once more had to intervene to maintain order on the field.

Later, everything came to a head. When Naveen ul Haq was summoned to the microphone during the post-match presentation ceremony to accept an award in recognition of his outstanding performance on 3/30.

The Lucknow crowd immediately began chanting Kohli’s name as the Afghan pacer approached the designated spot. Despite the fact that the batter was a rival.

The Twitterati wasted no time in commenting on the admiration for Kohli that exists across the nation. Despite his IPL connections and his aggressive behaviour during the match.

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