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IPL 2024: “Yorker Nahi, Slower Ball Daal” – Virat Kohli’s Advice To Yash Dayal Leads To Dhoni’s Dismissal

IPL 2024: “Yorker Nahi, Slower Ball Daal” – Virat Kohli’s Advice To Yash Dayal Leads To Dhoni’s Dismissal

In a crucial IPL 2024 match, Virat Kohli‘s strategic advice to Yash Dayal played a pivotal role in turning the tide against MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja, leading to a significant victory for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) over Chennai Super Kings (CSK). The game’s replay revealed Kohli’s crucial intervention that shaped Dayal’s successful final over.

This match marked a redemption arc for Yash Dayal, who had previously suffered a crushing defeat when he was hit for five consecutive sixes in a similar high-pressure scenario while playing for Gujarat Titans. This past failure had resulted in him losing his spot in the team, falling ill, and eventually being released from the franchise. However, Dayal seized his chance to make a comeback in this match.

Successfully defending against Dhoni and Jadeja in the last over, ensuring RCB’s win and securing their spot in the playoffs. Faf du Plessis, the RCB captain, had assigned Dayal the challenging task of bowling the final over, with the initial plan being to bowl a yorker to Dhoni. However, Dayal miscalculated and delivered a low full toss, which Dhoni dispatched for a massive 110-metre six, bringing CSK within 11 runs of playoff qualification.

Recognizing the need for a change in tactics, Kohli, positioned near the boundary, swiftly approached a visibly tense Dayal and advised him, “Don’t bowl the yorker, go for the slower deliveries (yorker nahi, slower ball daal).”

Following this advice, Dayal bowled a back-of-the-hand slower ball, which Dhoni misjudged and ended up hitting a bottom edge that was caught by the fielder at deep midwicket. Dhoni, visibly frustrated, hit his bat with his hand in disappointment before heading back to the dugout.

Dayal’s Precision Secures RCB’s Playoff Spot and Earns Du Plessis’ Praise

Dayal continued to execute Kohli’s plan, successfully restricting Shardul Thakur and Jadeja to a single run in the remaining deliveries. This performance extended RCB’s winning streak to six matches, ensuring their place in the playoffs as the fourth-ranked team. Post-match, Faf du Plessis dedicated his Player of the Match award to Yash Dayal, praising his exceptional performance under pressure.

Du Plessis remarked, “We were defending 175, it got a bit close, at one stage, with MS there, I thought, oh dear, he has done it so many times. The way we bowled with the wet ball was unbelievable, we tried to change it. I dedicate this Man of the Match to Yash Dayal. The way he bowled was unbelievable. For a man who’s fairly new, he deserves it.”

Dayal’s comeback and Kohli’s crucial intervention not only highlighted the strategic depth in RCB’s gameplay but also showcased the young bowler’s resilience and ability to perform under pressure.

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