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Ishant Sharma Praises Virat Kohli’s Exercise And Diet Plan

Ishant Sharma Praises Virat Kohli’s Exercise And Diet Plan

Ishant Sharma, an illustrious Indian pacer, has praised Virat Kohli for his strict fitness and eating regimen.

The best moment in the star batter’s career, according to the Delhi cricketer, was when Kohli went from being a party animal to being the fittest player on the team.

Although Kohli is regarded as one of the best batters of the current generation, some people had doubts about his dedication in 2012 because of his reputation as a “party animal.”

Ishant opened up about Kohli’s remarkable physical transformation in a video posted to Ranveer Allahbadia’s YouTube channel.

He stated:

“He is very different now. Both his partying and tattooing phases have been witnessed by me.”

“He recalled an instance from their U-19 days in which Kohli scored a double ton after a wild night of partying.”

Ishant stated:

“In Kolkata, we were participating in an U-19 game. While batting overnight, he partied all night, scored 250 the following day.I have also witnessed Kohli in that stage of his development.”

“The best thing about him, in my opinion, is how he changed his physical aspect starting in 2012, after the World Cup”, he continued.

“Despite his training, his mental fortitude and cricket in general improved as a result of his diet.”

“The majority of Delhi residents enjoy eating, but he abandoned everything. I haven’t seen him eat chole bhature since 2012 other than once or twice.”

“I eat paneer nan on my cheat day”, the fast bowler said.

On his official social media accounts, Kohli frequently continues to post videos and images of his fitness regimen and workouts.

He has frequently emphasized in interviews how vital diet and exercise are to an athlete’s success. 

Ishant commented on Kohli’s optimistic outlook by saying, “The word hope does not exist in his dictionary.

Ishant praised Kohli’s optimistic outlook on the game of cricket and claimed that the word “hope” did not exist in his dictionary because for him, everything revolves around belief. The quick bowler added:

“Sachin [Tendulkar] paaji once said that hope is not a word, but rather a feeling. However, if you ask Virat Kohli, he will tell you that the word “hope” is not in his vocabulary.”

“There is only belief in his dictionary. Anything is possible if you have faith. He’s really all in.”

The Indian team’s multi-format tour of the West Indies, which kicks off on July 12, will include Kohli.

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