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Yuvraj Singh Reveals A Special Bond He Enjoys With Virat Kohli

Yuvraj Singh Reveals A Special Bond He Enjoys With Virat Kohli

Yuvraj Singh, the former Indian player, is good friends with Virat Kohli. Both of them have a strong relationship and they have shared many notable victories on the field. And, Yuvraj discussed Kohli’s part in his return to the Indian team during a recent interview with News18.

Throughout the 2011 World Cup campaign, Yuvi received a cancer diagnosis. But after the incident, it was made public. Yuvi took a long break from cricket. After recovering from the terrible disease, he was re-drafted to the side.

Virat Kohli, while serving as captain, gave me a lot of support when I made my comeback for the Indian team. “My comeback would never have occurred if Virat hadn’t supported me,” he said.

Yuvraj Singh spoke candidly about his battle with cancer and how his return to team India was made possible in the most recent interview with Sports18. He was overcome with emotion as he thought back to his difficult times.

Yuvraj has consistently criticized the BCCI for how they handled his career-ending treatment. In 2017, Yuvraj didn’t pass the Yo-Yo test and was cut from the team. Despite being dropped until then, the former cricketer eventually reached the necessary fitness level.

Yuvraj Singh was one of the best all-rounders in world cricket 

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh (Credit: Twitter)

He rejoined the Indian T20 squad after overcoming his cancer and winning the battle. However, since 2013 has not been included in the ODI squad. Yuvraj has discussed how his return to the Indian team was made possible as well as how it happened.

Yuvraj claimed in the interview that during his comeback, Kohli always encouraged him. He added that his comeback would not have been possible if Virat had not supported him. In addition to praising Dhoni, the former Indian cricketer said that Dhoni had provided a tremendous amount of support.

Yuvraj continued, “MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli both supported me a lot. They both did their best to help me.

Yuvraj Singh has made an enormous contribution to the Indian team. He took India to the 2011 World Cup, winning the tournament’s top honor. He also excelled in the 2007 T20 World Cup.

It is true that India couldn’t have won those competitions without his contributions. Yuvraj announced his retirement from international cricket in 2019 after playing his final match for India in 2107.

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