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Jay Shah Confirms World Cup 2023 Will Not Have E-Tickets; Physical Tickets Must Be Retained

Jay Shah Confirms World Cup 2023 Will Not Have E-Tickets; Physical Tickets Must Be Retained

BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah, has officially confirmed that the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023 in India will not feature e-ticketing facilities. Instead, fans attending the tournament will be required to retain physical tickets.

The BCCI will set up seven to eight centers in advance for smooth ticket redemption. E-tickets won’t be implemented this time, as the board plans to introduce them first in bilateral matches before multi-nation events like the World Cup.

Following a crucial meeting in Delhi on July 27, where discussions were held on potential changes to the World Cup 2023 schedule and other pertinent matters, Jay Shah addressed the ticketing situation.

He explained that using e-tickets at high-capacity venues such as Ahmedabad and Lucknow might prove challenging. As a result, the focus will be on implementing e-tickets for bilateral series initially, gradually expanding to major tournaments like the World Cup.

Although the World Cup is a little over two months away, details on ticket bookings remain unreleased. Jay Shah assured that both the BCCI and ICC would make a joint announcement regarding ticket pricing and other related information.

The state associations were also consulted about ticket allocation, with 90% providing manifests while the remaining 1-2 associations were given a deadline to submit theirs by Monday.

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Apart from the ticketing situation, Jay Shah also revealed plans to provide free drinking water to fans during the World Cup. The BCCI intends to collaborate with Coca-Cola, the official partner of the ICC, to serve Coca-Cola’s water brand, Kinley, in the stands.

Whether the water will be dispensed in packaged bottles or by glass is yet to be determined due to certain constraints with bottles. Nonetheless, the provision of water will be entirely free for spectators.

Hygiene is a paramount concern for the upcoming tournament, and the BCCI is committed to upgrading facilities across all stadiums hosting World Cup matches. Jay Shah emphasized that ensuring cleanliness and well-maintained toilets is a top priority for the board.

As preparations for the World Cup continue, there may be potential changes to the schedule, as some participating nations have expressed reservations about the current itinerary.

The BCCI will work to address any concerns to ensure a smooth and successful tournament. In conclusion, the BCCI’s decision to forgo e-ticketing in favor of physical tickets for the World Cup 2023 in India has been confirmed.

The board aims to introduce e-tickets in bilateral matches before considering their implementation in major events like the World Cup. Fans can expect joint announcements from the BCCI and ICC regarding ticketing details.

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