News coming from Australia as cricket.com.au has recently uncovered two letters exchanged between Sir Don Bradman and Justin Langer way back in 1994 in a book named ‘Cricket The Aussie Way!’. The book is based on Justin Langer and his past experience of playing for the Australian side.

Apart from his own experiences, the book also includes two letters exchanged between Justin Langer and Sir Don Bradman as Langer looked to take some piece of advice from the great man prior to Australia‘s overseas tour way back in 1994. Langer wanted Bradman’s advice on facing the medium and also on how to prepare mentally prior to a tour.

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Justin Langer Asks For Sir Don Bradman’s Advice

The letter starts off with Langer asking Bradman’s advice on how to face the medium pacers since he’s predominately a back-foot player which might have posed difficulties in facing the medium pacers as the front foot plays a crucial role in getting on the line of the ball.

“Dear Sir Don. I feel a little shy about writing this letter but I felt that you may be able to offer me a little advice which may help me achieve my goal of becoming a very successful Australian Test cricketer. As I am predominantly a back-foot player I wonder if you have any ideas on playing medium-pace bowlers,” Justin Langer wrote.

After receiving the letter, in just one day’s time, Bradman replied back to Justin Langer stating that he did not take any distinct measures other than living a normal and non-smoking life.

“You flatter me by suggesting that an old octogenarian like me can help with your cricket. I did not take any measures … other than live a normal and sensible non-smoking and non-drinking career,” he wrote.

Justin Langer then recently revealed upon his exchange of letters with Bradman but also the kind of humility the man possessed despite being one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

“It was amazing. Not only did he write back in two days, but the first line of his letter was also ‘I’m flattered that you believe and octogenarian like myself can help you with your cricket’, so there’s humility in itself,” he added.

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