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Key Players from India in the IPL Auction 2018


The IPL Auction ceremony will take place on January 27. The major retentions 3 out of possible 5 took place on January 4 but many players were left out. They are expected to be retained or sold in the upcoming auction.

All you need to know about Base Price of Players at IPL Auction 2018

Around 1122 players have registered their name for the IPL auction that will take place in Bangaluru on January 27 & 28. It has 281 capped players, 838 uncapped players, including 778 Indians and three players from Associate nations. Many of these players have set their base prices.

These 5 overseas players are likely to earn millions in IPL 2018 Auctions

From India here is a list of some key players that will grab attention:

– by James Kuanal

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