Like Mahi Bhai And Virat Kohli, I Look Up To Kieron Pollard – Hardik Pandya

The Indian Premier League has helped the cricketers across the world to develop a good bond with the other country players. Especially, for the local players, IPL helped to work with professionals, which played a huge role in shaping their cricketing careers. One such cricketer is Hardik Pandya, who revealed that playing with Kieron Pollard has helped him a lot.

Hardik Pandya is one of the most popular guys in Mumbai’s dressing room and is known to share a strong bond with all his teammates. But his close relations are just not restricted to the Indian cricketers, but some overseas players as well. One of those cricketers is West Indian Keiron Pollard, and Pandya always called him his brother.

The duo has always shared a nice time on and off the field whenever they meet. The connection has been so long, as they are representing Mumbai Indians for a long time now. And also, they made it a habit to meet each other whenever the other visits home place of the another.

I look up to Kieron Pollard – Hardik Pandya

Mumbai Indians, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard
Hardik Pandya along with Kieron Pollard (Credits – Twitter)

Speaking of him, Hardik Pandya revealed that he felt Pollard has got a similar game like him, which helped him to learn a lot. He further called him one of the role models, as he likes to take one good quality from best players of the game.

“We have such beautiful relations, our families are in touch. We talk despite all the time differences in the West Indies, we make sure we talk at least once in a month. I look up to him as my senior, my role model,” Hardik Pandya said to Harsha Bhogle for Cricbuzz.

“I never had one specific role model and always wanted to learn from the best, different things from different people, and I wanted to combine that in my game – Mahi Bhai’s calmness, Virat’s hunger. From 2015, when I made it to the IPL, I always wanted to learn from people. That’s when I realised that Polly is someone who relates to my game,” he added. 

Well, they were all set to play for Mumbai Indians once again for IPL 2020. But, unfortunately, the virus outbreak has shattered all the plans by postponing the tournament.