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Madan Lal Opines On India’s Mistakes In The T20 World Cup

Madan Lal Opines On India’s Mistakes In The T20 World Cup
Madan Lal

Former India player Madan Lal has opened up on the mistakes Team India did in the T20 World Cup 2022 and pointed out that they didn’t learn anything from their defeat at the last global event. Notably, India were knocked out of the tournament after suffering a crushing 10-wicket defeat against England in the second semi-final at the Adelaide Oval on Thursday, November 10.

During a discussion on Aaj Tak, Madan Lal was asked if he expects Team India to take any learnings from their latest defeat as well.

He said: “This has happened earlier as well. We didn’t learn anything from the last World Cup loss also. When you go to play such a big tournament, you need to do the planning. You couldn’t figure out your team composition for the last one year.”

The veteran has also questioned the problem in selection shown by the team management as well.

He shared: “It is necessary that you play those 15 players and give them practice, so that you have a team ready to play in the World Cup. We made a lot of mistakes in this World Cup. The biggest mistake was the team management’s rigid thinking, that they will play with that team only, it is wrong.”

Meanwhile, Madan Lal further added that the playing XI should have been selected based on the conditions of the pitch as well.

He explained: “You need to know how to read the conditions. You should know which combination will work in those conditions, which bowlers you should play and whether the ball will seam or not on that wicket. Our bowlers are effective when there is movement, otherwise they are not. The captain and coach have to read all these things.”

“You will have to play shots” – Madan Lal

On the other hand, many cricket experts have raised questions about the team management for not giving a chance to Yuzvendra Chahal in playing XI throughout the T20 World Cup and especially in the semi-final against England as well.

“Second, I don’t understand one thing at all – why are we scared of hitting the ball? You will have to play shots. The game starts with the first ball. You can’t think that you will be watchful for the first one or two overs and then start hitting. It becomes very difficult, the match is set up in the first six overs,” Madan Lal continued. 

However, Team India scored only 38 in the first six overs, despite having lost only one wicket as well. They failed to accelerator it thereafter as well, taking 15 overs to reach the 100-run mark as well.

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