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“Make The Cricketers Play Domestic Matches” – Shahid Afridi Lambasts Pakistan’s Selection Policy

Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has criticized the selection policy adopted by the national selectors. He feels the players find it way too easy to get a chance to play for Pakistan.

Afridi expressed the fact that the players are rushed into the team regardless of their experience in domestic cricket.

“It has become so easy to play for the national team. Whereas in the past, playing for Pakistan was the ultimate [aim] for any professional cricketer. That is why our performances are not consistent with the amount of cricket we play in Pakistan,” Afridi lamented.

The selections for the national team should be made tougher according to him. He also asserted that the right time to introduce a player to the international stage is after he has played a lot of domestic cricket matches.

“Why have we made it so really easy for players to represent their country? I am sad to see that a player gives one or two good performances in domestic cricket or the PSL and he is in the national team. What is this? You should make your cricketers play domestic cricket,” Afridi said.

“Don’t make playing for Pakistan so easy” – Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Pakistan

Shahid Afridi said that every cricketer must have the mental aspect of the game that’s required nowadays. Although a player is talented, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is capable of performing under pressure, according to Afridi.

“The real difference playing international cricket is how mentally strong a player is to handle all the pressure that comes in international matches. That includes the criticism and glare of the media and fans. We must judge the difference between just talent and mental strength of a player,” Afridi reckoned.

A player must be sent back to the domestic circuit if he fails to impress. This will help eliminate complacency in a cricketer’s mindset according to Shahid Afridi.

“If you give a chance to a player and he doesn’t perform, he should be sent back to domestic cricket. Don’t make playing for Pakistan so easy. Players must know the value of international cricket. I am totally against players coming into the side on just one or two performances,” Afridi concluded.

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