Home Cricket News Marcus Trescothick Narrates An Old Story When He Broke Kevin Pietersen’s Nose

Marcus Trescothick Narrates An Old Story When He Broke Kevin Pietersen’s Nose

Marcus Trescothick Narrates An Old Story When He Broke Kevin Pietersen’s Nose

Kevin Pietersen has been the most debated England cricketer in the last two decades. No story is complete until and unless the former batsman had a role in it and another former cricketer Marcus Trescothick just proved it right. The southpaw recently revealed one of his favourite off-field stories and it revolved around Kevin Pietersen.

The duo has been England’s greatest batsmen in the last decade. They have scored tons of runs for their side and has won many matches for their country with the bat. They also share a great rapport off the field and have had innumerable memories together. Recently, Marcus Trescothick revealed one such story.

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Trescothick revealed about what happened during a party in Lahore. While speaking on the Barmy Army podcast, the former opener recalled a particularly memorable night in Pakistan where they engaged in karaoke and the story ended with Kevin Pietersen getting his nose broken.

“There was one night in Lahore of all places. After the 2005 (Ashes) series, so the end of 2005,” the former southpaw said. “We lost the second Test match and the series was over. Vodafone had organised a karaoke night for us in the hotel. It was just for the players and the staff but everyone was so annoyed and disappointed that only about eight of us turned up,” he added. 

Furthermore, Marcus Trescothick spoke about how tough it was to get drink in Pakistan and so when they finally got some, they could not control despite losing the series. When asked who the best singer among them was, Trescothick replied he had no idea before revealing that he ended up headbutting Kevin Pietersen and the latter was left with a broken nose.

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“I can’t remember because were absolute smashed to bits. I remember headbutting KP and I thought I’d broken his nose. He had pinned me down on the floor and I just went ‘bang’ like that and nutted him one on the bridge of his nose. We were mucking about – too much tequila does that to you, doesn’t it.

“In the middle of Lahore, in this hotel where no one else knows and behind closed doors–it was the best karaoke singing you’ve ever heard. At the end of it all of us, all eight of us or whatever it was, got on stage and just sang to the empty room,” Trescothick concluded.

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