The coronavirus pandemic is turning out to be severe with each passing day. The pandemic has halted the daily life with all global events called off including sports. The death toll is going up each day and the citizens should act promptly to contain it from spreading. Veteran Team India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has also urged the people to take care of each other amid COVID-19 scare.

The pandemic has affected all sectors of society as the COVID-19 has caused over 8,500 deaths. Though the positive cases in India are about 150 right now, the number could go high if proper precautions are not taken. The Tamil Nadu-born spinner spoke about the scare of the virus in the country.

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Identifying that if spread, the disease can turn nasty, Ravichandran Ashwin stated that the entire country is fighting a common enemy which is invisible. Ashwin is known for spreading awareness about social issues and the cricketer once again took the right step.

“India could be a country where the disease can be very nasty. Because self-discipline in terms of what we give to the community is extremely low. I was reading an article that talked about an infected person in Maharashtra being humiliated by neighbours. We are fighting a common enemy that cannot be seen,” said Ashwin as quoted by the New Indian Express.

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Ravichandran Ashwin then went on to talk about the panic which has been caused in the country. If taken proper care, the virus could be fought out of the country and the government is trying its best. But the 33-year-old bowler feels some people are ignoring the measures.

“We have to confine ourselves. Thankfully, I have a cycle and a small gym at home to be in my best shape… probably stick to a diet. The most important thing now is to look after oneself and be socially responsible towards others and the community. Everything else takes a backseat,” he concluded.