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Mayank Agarwal Comes Up With A Hilarious Response In A 4-Year-Old Picture

Mayank Agarwal Comes Up With A Hilarious Response In A 4-Year-Old Picture

Indian cricket team’s prominent player, Mayank Agarwal, had been notably absent from the limelight recently, sparking curiosity among fans. However, he re-entered public discourse abruptly after sharing a photo on his social media accounts. This snapshot featured Mayank Agarwal alongside other cricketing stalwarts such as Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Rishabh Pant.

In contemporary India, cricketers have transcended their roles as mere sports icons; they have become bona fide celebrities. The ardent desire of fans to catch even a fleeting glimpse of their cricketing heroes is a testament to this phenomenon. Cricketers themselves are acutely aware of this fact, which is why they frequently utilize social media to provide glimpses into their personal lives.

Occasionally, these social media posts go viral, igniting fervent discussions among fans. One such viral sensation was a photograph of Rishabh Pant that has been a frequent topic of conversation on various social media platforms.


This particular image had posed an enigmatic question that had perplexed millions of fans for an extended period. It depicted Rishabh Pant, surrounded by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, and Mayank Agarwal, all with their hands resting on each other’s shoulders. However, the focus of the discussion centred solely on the mysterious hand placed on Pant’s shoulder.

Initially, the identity of the hand’s owner remained shrouded in uncertainty. It was Mayank Agarwal who finally dispelled the mystery.

Taking to Twitter, Mayank Agarwal shared a revelation that put an end to years of speculation, debate, and conspiracy theories. He tweeted, “After years of research, debate, and countless conspiracy theories, I can finally tell the country that this is my hand on Rishabh Pant’s shoulder.”

As for Rishabh Pant, the star wicketkeeper-batsman of India, he found himself in a different spotlight. At the time, he was undergoing rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy. Pant had suffered a severe knee injury in a car accident the previous year, necessitating an extended hospital stay and knee surgery. Fortunately, his recovery was progressing swiftly, and he was diligently working on regaining his fitness at the National Cricket Academy.

Recent glimpses of him batting in the nets and sharing updates on his fitness journey via social media hinted at his imminent return to the cricketing arena. It is only a matter of time before this beloved cricketer makes a triumphant comeback to the field, much to the delight of his countless fans.

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