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Meet Vartik Tihara: Virat Kohli’s Childhood Friend Who Has A 112 Crore Enterprise

Meet Vartik Tihara: Virat Kohli’s Childhood Friend Who Has A 112 Crore Enterprise

Former India captain Virat Kohli and Vartik Tihara’s friendship ignited on the cricket field during their time with the Delhi Under-17 team. The tale of this remarkable connection between two individuals who would later become business partners is unveiled on International Friendship Day 2023.

Over the span of two decades, their bond has withstood the test of time and evolved into a flourishing business venture. Beginning with aspirations of becoming cricketers and culminating in triumphant ventures in the corporate world, the inspiring journey of Vartik Tihara, the driving force behind One8 Commune’s triumph, is chronicled.

Originating in their shared involvement with the Delhi Under-17 cricket team, the friendship between Virat Kohli and Vartik Tihara went beyond the boundaries of the cricket pitch, unknowingly laying the groundwork for lifelong companionship.

Virat’s rise to the echelons of cricketing greatness juxtaposed Vartik’s choice to venture beyond the realm of cricket. Yet, rather than weakening their bond, their divergent paths served to fortify it, as Tihara steadfastly bolstered Kohli’s ambitions.

What’s the connection between Virat Kohli and Vartik Tihara?

Virat Kohli and Vartik Tihara

Fuelled by Tihara’s entrepreneurial zeal, the inception of True Palate Hospitality marked a pivotal juncture in the realization of Virat Kohli’s brainchild, One8 Commune. The convergence of their visions led to the establishment of a chain of multimillion-dollar restaurants in key cities across India, emblematic of their profound camaraderie and collective accomplishments.

Their friendship’s profundity was on full display when Vartik Tihara was the sole cricketer to receive an invitation to Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s grand wedding, underscoring the indelible connection shared by the trio. Guided by the astute leadership of Vartik Tihara, One8 blossomed into a formidable brand, garnering a staggering valuation of Rs 112 crore. The exceptional cuisine and cutting-edge ambience offered by One8 Commune captured the affection of countless patrons.

The success story of One8 Commune stands as a testament not only to Kohli’s shrewd business understanding but also to the integral role played by Vartik Tihara, who served as a trusted friend, confidant, and business collaborator. Like any remarkable journey, the path to victory was strewn with obstacles. Nevertheless, the synergy between Kohli and Tihara consistently propelled them to surmount challenges and emerge even stronger.

Under the stewardship of Vartik Tihara, the One8 brand achieved global recognition, epitomizing excellence both within and outside the sports arena. The evolution from cricket companions to accomplished entrepreneurs has ignited inspiration across many spheres. As the partnership between Kohli and Tihara continues to thrive, the horizon beckons with even greater promise for One8 Commune and the True Palate Hospitality brand.

On International Friendship Day 2023, we exalt the indomitable bond binding Virat Kohli and Vartik Tihara. From the inception of their cricketing dreams to their ascendancy in the corporate world, their friendship has defied all odds, standing as a beacon of success and camaraderie.

In unity, they have not only forged a prosperous business empire but also established an exemplar of the heights genuine friendship can attain.

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