Every one person in two dreams of playing for India. However very few of them go on to make it big at the international level and the percentage is not even 1.

For any cricket fanatic who could not pursue a career in professional cricket for whatsoever reason, the next best option is media. They feel in this way they can unite passion and profession and make a living out of something they love.

Mikkhail wants to give back to cricket through his Cricfit Academy

Mikkhail founded Cricfit, a Cricket and Fitness Start-up. He likes to call it an ecosystem for cricket fans and fitness freaks. Cricfit has a huge organic user base and keeps Cricket fans updated with latest cricket news around the world.

Currently, it is one of the fastest-growing sports news-based websites in the country. It has a user base of over 5 lakhs per month with audiences from all over the globe.

Passionate at heart, Mikkhail also founded the Cricfit academy in the year 2015. At his Cricfit Cricket Academy at Andheri in Mumbai, Mikkhail trains youngsters to be mentally tough and prepares them for sterner tests ahead of their cricketing careers. Today, he mentors close to 100 kids in his academy with as many as 3 students playing for Mumbai. 

Since turning to media, Mikkhail has worked with various channels like NDTV, Times Now and Zee Sports. But he is specifically remembered for his appearances on Dial C for Cricket, a show that provided a platform to cricket fans to voice their opinions about the game publicly and get recognized. On this show, Mikkhail was a good listener and always allowed others to speak rather than imposing his own views.

Journalism runs in his blood

Mikkhail has also reported on the 26/11 terror attacks. His story on the NSG commandos earned a lot of praise nationwide. This was also discussed in the parliament when Shri LK Advani made a special mention about the story. He is a cricket writer, motivational speaker, and freelance anchor.

The bundle of knowledge has also hosted Live sports shows for the Davis Cup, World Series Hockey, IPL for America, French Open, Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey, Bundesliga football, Nehru Cup Football and Euro Cup. 

Only those who have a profound knowledge of the game, great communication skills and other vital elements needed to be a good orator go on to succeed here. One of them is Mikkhail Vaswani.

Meanwhile, growing up, just like many of us, cricket was Mikkhail’s passion since he was a young boy. He has played cricket at junior, zonal, state and university level and was also the skipper of his college team before turning to media.

He also trained at the Australian Cricket Academy in Adelaide where he got valuable insights on the game from noted cricketers like Rod Marsh and Wayne Phillips. Vaswani has also played cricket in South Africa and Sri Lanka.

With cricket running in his blood, Mikkhail Vaswani is working day in and day out to serve his first love through Cricfit and his academy.