Home Cricket News “MS Dhoni Is Another Captain I Greatly Admire” – Japan Captain Kendel Fleming

“MS Dhoni Is Another Captain I Greatly Admire” – Japan Captain Kendel Fleming

“MS Dhoni Is Another Captain I Greatly Admire” – Japan Captain Kendel Fleming
Kendel Fleming

Kendel Fleming, captain of the Japanese Cricket Team, believes that consistent performance can secure their place in future World Cups. Kendel, who previously played for Japan’s Under-19 team in the 2020 Under-19 World Cup, made his debut in T20 International cricket with great success.

Alongside his cricket career, Kendel works as a Senior Financial Analyst at Vincent’s and runs a player management company, a venture inspired by managing a particular player now represented by his firm.

Kendel has set multiple records for Japan, including the most T20I centuries and Player of the Match awards. He also ranks fifth among Asian batters for the most sixes in a single inning and is the first player to score an international century for Japan. In a special interview with CricTracker, Kendel shared insights about his cricket journey, the Japan Premier League, the rise of cricket in Japan, and the significance of franchise cricket for associate nations.

“I was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and an Australian father, and I spent my early childhood there. Before we moved to Australia when I was around six, I hadn’t played much cricket as it wasn’t very popular in Japan. In Australia, I followed the cricket development path in Queensland, playing youth cricket for the state at the Under-12, Under-15, and Under-17 levels. I attended Brisbane Grammar School and played cricket there, eventually joining the Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club.

My involvement with Japanese cricket began when I first contacted the Japan Cricket Association (JCA) at 18. I visited Japan, met the team, and have been returning annually since. It’s been an honor to captain the national team in international matches over the past few years, and I hope to live in Japan again someday,” he added.

He also shared the captain he admires the most. And, he named Graeme Smith and former India captain MS Dhoni as well.

“When I think about my favorite captains as a fan, two names immediately come to mind. Firstly, Graeme Smith stands out for his fearless leadership, especially considering he took on the role at a young age and embraced it wholeheartedly. Secondly, MS Dhoni is another captain I greatly admire.

Despite the immense pressure of leading the Indian team with a billion supporters behind him, Dhoni always appeared composed and capable of taking games down to the wire. As an Australian supporter in my younger years, I always felt uneasy when Dhoni was at the crease because I knew he wouldn’t be rattled and had a knack for finishing matches with his cool demeanor,” he concluded.

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