Home Cricket News MS Dhoni’s Link To Baahubali Animated Series? SS Rajamouli’s Response Goes Viral

MS Dhoni’s Link To Baahubali Animated Series? SS Rajamouli’s Response Goes Viral

MS Dhoni’s Link To Baahubali Animated Series? SS Rajamouli’s Response Goes Viral

MS Dhoni has always been hugely admired by fans across India, even after retiring from international cricket. There’s been a lot of buzz around reports suggesting that the upcoming IPL season might be his last. Whenever Dhoni steps onto the field, the atmosphere in the stadiums is electrifying. He’s become a part of our popular culture over the years and now, interestingly, he’s connected to the famous ‘Baahubali’ series.

At an event in Hyderabad for the animated show ‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’, SS Rajamouli, the director and producer of the series, was asked about the resemblance between the character Amarendra Baahubali and Dhoni.

Rajamouli’s response delighted Dhoni’s fans, who felt a surge of pride. “Bahubali character face design is same as Dhoni, is that because you love MS Dhoni? Probably character creators are also his fans like me,” Rajamouli responded.

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IPL 2024

Controversy Erupts as MS Dhoni Bats at No. 9: Former Players Question Decision, Injury Report Emerges

During an IPL 2024 match against Punjab Kings, MS Dhoni’s decision to bat at the No. 9 position surprised many spectators. Shardul Thakur‘s appearance before Dhoni left fans and experts bewildered. Former Indian cricketers, including Irfan Pathan and Harbhajan Singh, openly criticized Dhoni’s batting position, questioning his role in the team if he prefers to bat so low in the lineup. However, subsequent reports shed light on the reason behind Dhoni’s delayed arrival at the crease, attributing it to an injury.

This unexpected batting order sparked widespread debate and speculation about Dhoni’s role and fitness in the team. The move raised concerns about Dhoni’s form and whether his injury might affect his performance in future matches. Fans expressed mixed reactions, with some defending Dhoni’s decision and expressing sympathy for his injury, while others echoed the sentiments of former players, questioning his suitability for such a low batting position.

Dhoni’s surprising batting order underscored the unpredictable nature of cricket and the intense scrutiny that accompanies every decision made by high-profile players like him. As one of the most revered figures in Indian cricket, Dhoni’s actions on the field often attract significant attention and speculation, highlighting the immense pressure that comes with his iconic status.

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