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No International cricket at the Feroz Shah Kotla until 2020; Here is why

The alarming pollution levels almost put Delhi test under threat. However, it has now kept international cricket away from Delhi at least till 2020. Delhi is under scrutiny to be considered as an international sports venue taking into account the rising pollution levels.

On real-time Air Quality Index, the air quality in Adelaide (during Ashes 2nd test) was 9, whereas in Delhi it was 479 which clearly suggests how bad the pollution is, According to Cricinfo.

“BCCI is pitching for their exclusive home season slot in February-March every year. They will only get that slot in February-March 2020 as per the new Future Tours Programme (FTP). Therefore, Kotla may or may not be in line for a Test match before 2020,” a senior BCCI official told PTI.

“As per the rotation policy, Kotla has now got its Test match and in November it got an ODI. Their turn will not come next year as India will perhaps have at the most one full-fledged series,” he said.

“There are other venues waiting for their turn. Similarly in 2019, when the fresh Future Tours and Programme (FTP) starts, it will take some time for Kotla to get another game. Now what will be the environmental condition in 2020 can”t be predicted in 2017. So if Kotla doesn”t get a match, it will be purely because of rotation,” the official further added.

Next year India is likely to host West Indies around October before touring Australia and New Zealand. Before that, the Indian team has two tough international assignment in South Africa and England. India is also likely to play the Independence Cup shortly after arrival from South Africa.

According to reports, it was in January 2017 that India agreed to play the Independence Cup alongside Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Pakistan. The series is expected to be played in March next year to celebrate 70 years of Sri Lanka”s Independence.

– by Atharva Apte