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Priyanka Raina”s motivational post is a must read for all women


Priyanka Choudhary Raina, who is known for her work for the underprivileged people of this country, recently urged the people to speak up about anything and everything in a recent social media post. She also went on to add that voice is the strongest weapon one has.

Earlier, Suresh Raina and her wife Priyanka Choudhary Raina launched a campaign called Gracia Raina Foundation (GRF) to help the underprivileged mothers all over the country on the occasion of their daughters’ birthday.

The goal of the foundation is to present a development model for the young mothers. The Foundation wants to tie up with NGO’s, businesses to address and solve critical problems affecting individual and communities.

On launching the foundation Mrs. Raina said, “Gracia Raina Foundation aims to provide support and effective solutions to ensure maternal and newborn wellness by implementing a self-sustained model. The idea is to empower, engage and facilitate women by enhancing their capabilities. Our model is one of creative collaboration, creating a supportive environment for all women.”

In a recent post on Instagram, Priyanka appealed to the females to come out with their problems and raise their voice. She also urges women all over the country to speak up for ones’ own and for others as well who need help. She also termed voice as one of the most powerful weapons.


She wrote, “‘Voice’ – One of the most powerful weapons you have got. And a woman with a voice is a strong woman! If you use your voice wisely, it can do wonder for you and for the society you live in! You can use your voice to express yourself and protect yourself! Don’t let anyone shut you up! #SpeakUp for yourself and for those who need help! Use the weapon wisely, use it to uplift your situation and of those who are suffering. Use it to share #knowledge! Use it to spread #awareness! Use it to bring the #change!”

Priyanka is already associated with initiatives such as PAALNA with Red FM and The Delhi NCR Flood Bank Relief. She has also visited many NGO’s to raise awareness among special children.


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