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‘Ricky Won’t Leave Any Fight’, Ravichandran Ashwin Explains The Heated Exchange Between Virat Kohli And Ricky Ponting

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Virat Kohli and Ricky Ponting involved in heated exchange during IPL.

Virat Kohli and Ricky Ponting are a carbon copy of each other when it comes to their competitiveness on the field. Ravichandran Ashwin recently narrated the incident that transpired between Kohli and Ponting during IPL 2020. RCB and DC were playing a crucial match when in which Kohli and DC coach Ponting was seen having an avid exchange.

Ashwin had gone off the field and an unhappy Kohli was straightway in the ears of the umpires. On his YouTube channel, Ashwin revealed that there was a war of words between Kohli and Ponting.

Heat Of The Moment Between Virat Kohli And Ricky Ponting – Ravichandran Ashwin

The off-spinner pointed out that he had injured his back during the match. After completing his bowling spell, Ravichandran Ashwin left the field about which Kohli was extremely annoyed. The fiery RCB skipper was seen discussing with on-field umpires about Ashwin during the timeout and Ponting spotted it. The DC coach was seen angry on Kohli and didn’t take a backward step much as he did during his playing days.

“I had a back problem when I ran. It was a terrible pain. They took MRI scans and it was traced to a nerve pull to the back. I went off after bowling. And you know Ricky, he won’t leave any fight. And when RCB questioned, he said we aren’t like that etc. The heat of the moment”, said Ashwin on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin was a game-changer for his side with the ball in the match. Ashwin picked 3 crucial wickets including the prized scalp of Virat Kohli. The seasoned spinner spoke about how Kohli will never take chances while batting as it was a matter of pride for him. Ashwin was pleased after dismissing Kohli as people have often talked about how the RCB skipper has always had the better of him during IPL.

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“I have always loved bowling to Virat. He would never take chances against me. Would not give his wicket; it was a matter of pride for him. MS Dhoni also, is like that. In Pune, 2016, I set him up with a ball outside off and it went really high and just as I was thinking, “Aaha, Kohli wicket,” Ankit Sharma let the ball slip through his hands at extra-cover! Ai! What have you done!”.

“From then on, people would keep saying Ashwin hasn’t taken a wicket of Kohli… and so when I finally took his wicket now, it was a happy and a pleasing moment; a personal justification of sorts,” Ashwin added.

Ravichandran Ashwin will now be gearing up for the big 4 match Test series against Australia from December 17. Whereas Kohli will only play the first Test as the BCCI has granted him paternity leave for the birth of his first child. Kohli will feature in the entire ODI and T20I series which will take place before the Test series.

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