Home Cricket News Rising Star Shubman Gill vs Swashbuckling Batter Virat Kohli: Comparing Both Of Their Century Tally At The Age Of 24

Rising Star Shubman Gill vs Swashbuckling Batter Virat Kohli: Comparing Both Of Their Century Tally At The Age Of 24

Rising Star Shubman Gill vs Swashbuckling Batter Virat Kohli: Comparing Both Of Their Century Tally At The Age Of 24

Team India’s young opener, Shubman Gill, has been in outstanding form across various formats in the past year and a half. His recent performance in the first ODI against Australia in Mohali highlights his prowess with the bat. This article delves into Gill’s impressive achievements and compares his early career stats to those of the renowned Virat Kohli.

Gill’s Outstanding Batting Display in Mohali:

In the first ODI against Australia, Shubman Gill showcased his batting prowess with a brilliant knock. The right-handed opener amassed 74 runs off just 63 balls, featuring six fours and two sixes. This remarkable performance played a pivotal role in India’s successful chase of 277 runs, resulting in a five-wicket victory.

Gill’s Asia Cup Triumph:

Gill’s exceptional form isn’t limited to ODIs. He continued to shine in the Asia Cup, scoring consistently throughout the tournament. His scores of 67* against Nepal, 58 against Pakistan, a memorable 121 against Bangladesh, and an unbeaten 27* against Sri Lanka in the final showcased his adaptability across formats.

The “Prince” and “King” Comparison:

Shubman Gill’s exceptional performances have drawn comparisons to Virat Kohli, often referred to as the “king” of Indian cricket. This comparison highlights the immense potential and talent that Gill possesses. Notably, Gill celebrated his 24th birthday recently, marking an important milestone in his career.

Comparing Early Career Stats:

Gill’s journey to his 24th birthday stands out when compared to Virat Kohli’s early career statistics. By the time Gill turned 24, he had played 18 Tests, accumulating 966 runs at an average of 32.20, including two centuries. In ODIs, he had amassed 1514 runs in 29 matches, averaging a remarkable 63.08 with four centuries. Additionally, Gill had featured in 11 T20Is and achieved one century.

In contrast, when Virat Kohli turned 24, he had played 10 Tests, scoring 703 runs at an average of 41.35, with two centuries. His ODI record was even more impressive, with 90 matches, 3886 runs at an average of 51.81, and 13 centuries. In T20Is, Kohli had accumulated 463 runs in 16 matches.

Highlighting the Century Count:

One of the significant differences between Gill and Kohli’s early careers is the number of centuries. By the age of 24, Gill had secured seven centuries across formats, showcasing his potential as a future star. These centuries were distributed across Test matches, ODIs, and T20Is.

In comparison, Virat Kohli had already notched up an impressive 15 centuries by the time he turned 24. This staggering achievement underlines Kohli’s early dominance in international cricket.

The Path Forward:

While Kohli had a head start in terms of centuries, it’s crucial to consider the number of matches played. Gill’s limited exposure to ODIs, only 29 matches by the age of 24, suggests that he has the potential to match or even surpass Kohli’s century count as he gains more experience.

Shubman Gill’s exceptional form and remarkable performances at a young age have marked him as a rising star in Indian cricket. Comparing his early career to that of Virat Kohli sheds light on his potential to become one of India’s cricketing legends in the future. As Gill continues to impress, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await his journey and anticipate many more milestones in his career.

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